17th to 19th April 2025, Mumbai, India
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Exhibitors’ Profile

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical & Herbal Formulations.
  • API- Covering Alkaloids, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Enzymes, Peptides and many more
  • Finished Dosage Forms- Meet with the complete supply chain from larger pharmaceutical manufacturers to contract manufacturers, end product distributors and end user agents.
  • Excipients- witness products ranging from preservatives, antioxidants, coating material, sweetening agents and colourants.
  • Intermediates- Functional Ingredients & Drug Intermediates
  • Fine Chemicals- from Synthesis to extraction and purification
  • Natural Extracts- latest natural extracts, apppcation & solutions, plant & animal extracts, health products & supplements
  • Biopharmaceuticals, Bio-similars, Bio services & bio technology, bio cluster & bio logistics
Pharma & Packaging Machineries
  • Pharma processing machineries (Tablet/Capsule/Liquid/Injectable/ Ointments et.al)
  • Packaging Machineries / Materials & Consumables
  • Environmental Protection
  • Automation Equipment, Robotics & Engineering
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Lab & Analytical

Inspection & Analysis solution providers covering Lab equipments, Analytical instruments, HPLC columns, gas & liquid chromatography, materials testing, molecular spectroscopy, thermal analysis et.al

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Contract Services & Outsourcing

CMO, Contract manufacturing, CRO, Pre-clinical trails, Clinical trails, bioequivalence test, clinical data management, Analytical & lab services, bio servicing and other outsourcing

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Cleanroom engineering design, air filters, clean air-conditioning, stainless steel equipment etc

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Caps, tubes, plastic packages, glass packaging alongside printing, QR code and trade mark solutions

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Ancillaries to Pharma Industry

Logistics, Refrigeration, softwares, track & trace, heat exchangers, boilers, pumps, steam generators, water & waste water treatment et.al